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Web design

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Web Projects

GP Direct

Website and custom application development, designed from inception including a custom PDF solution which allows forms filled out online to be overlaid on the practices existing paper forms and sent as a PDF, this meant GP Direct could put all their forms online without changing any back room procedures or existing paperwork.

Harrow Online

Harrow online was suffering from multiple issues causing performance problems leading to a poor user experience, I redeveloped the site with a new design and managed the migration of all the services to more performant hosting, further optimisation has resulted in a 500% pageview increase and user retention.


Quietroom are strategists and writers and I went old school on this one based on their needs and redesigned from scratch implementing a static publishing system for optimal speed and performance, we publish html from wordpress – hack proof and seo friendly!

Workplace Pride

Workplace Pride is a not for profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Intersex (LGBTI) people in workplaces worldwide. 

From inception to deployment I created a bespoke design for them.

Quietroom New Horizons

Quietroom needed a magazine style sub site to promote their events and publications, I created a news style site for them which has helped them to improve their visibility.


A custom built system to aid post graduate doctors in choosing their specialty, originally developed in Visual Basic and converted to a web based app, now recommended as part of the NHS health careers – https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/career-planning/career-advisers-and-teachers/training-and-teaching-resources-medical-studentsdoctors/information-educational-supervisors/sci59

Written in conjuction with Dr Rodney Gale (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rodney-Gale)

Cleanline Audio

Design, implementation and deployment for a well known audio visual company, Cleanline have been in the game a long time and I created a bespoke design that encapsulates the spirit of the business.

Southern Shih Tzu Rescue

This was a wordpress site I created for free for a dog rescue charity.


Designed and implemented from conception and design to implementation.


Designed and implemented using WordPress, customised to also be used as a bridge for a whmcs instance.

The Tara

The Tara is a modern contemporary pub in Amsterdam, I created a website for them with a cozy feel reflecting their ethos.


DNS Manager

A dns manager to manage a BIND instance, this system maintains a database of all the zone files and records for an organisation then writes these records out to bind zonefiles.

ISO27001 Conformance System

I wrote a system to keep track of all the documents, audits and events surrounding ISO27001 for an organisation, everything was linked to google documents for resiliency, so even if this system failed the actual documents are still available.


A system I developed to integrate event data from several sources including a Zabbix monitoring system, server generated emails, firewall logs and other sources to provide a centralised view of issues relating to a pool of servers.

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